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The Baryn Futa Art Appreciation Goal

September 20, 2019

It is the case that Baryn Futa’s art appreciation didn’t actually take hold until relatively late in life. It began when he retired and began working with the Denver Art Museum. He definitely fell in love with art and, while he may have gone farther than most , now leads him to hold memberships in a great number of prominent art museums with impressive collections. He also loans pieces from his own impressive collection to museums when possible because he wants more people to appreciate the arts the way he does.

From Baryn Futa’s point of view, art is a key element of every human society. that means it is of great importance to always support and protect art as a nation’s or society’s identity. Far too often, art is taken for granted by society and not treated as a priority. That is what drives Baryn Futa’s mission as a lover of art and a major benefactor. Too often, the greatest artists see too little appreciation, when they should be able to make enough to live and even thrive. That’s why he insists on spending so much time and effort doing whatever he can to alleviate that situation.